Dreaming of Summer?

What could be better than traveling with your best friend? With BreezeGuard® screens, summer trips are a cinch.

Summer Calls

Treat your pups to a BreezeGuard® screen—and enjoy safe, beautiful road trips this Summer.

Summer Dogs Enjoy a Nice Breeze

Let the breeze in with BreezeGuard® screens—so you AND your dog can enjoy summer and the open road!

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BreezeGuard bimonthly blog posts offer a wide range of fun activities, tips, resources, and ideas to enhance your dog’s life!

Best Friends Deserve the Best

A set of BreezeGuard® screens to keep him cool, happy and safe.

Safer Car Travel for your Dog

Custom built in the Pacific Northwest to your vehicle’s specific year range and model

Dog Happiness Delivered to your Door

Keep your dog happy and cool with BreezeGuard® screens.

Products for Pet-Friendly Travel

Give yourself peace of mind and give your pet a safe haven while traveling in your vehicle.