What Are BreezeGuards?

Wouldn’t you like to take your dog with you in the car on a warm day and not worry? With BreezeGuards, your dog can stay safe and comfortable in your car with the windows down! BreezeGuard® screens are custom-made welded steel wire mesh cage panels or “screens,” with a black powder coated finish, that fit your car’s window opening. They install from the inside of the vehicle to allow for free movement of the window glass.

Sold in sets of two, BreezeGuards allow for a cross breeze, keeping your vehicle within a few of degrees of the outside temperature. Easy to install and guaranteed to please!

Why Choose BreezeGuards? 

1. Customizable for your vehicle

2. Made to last from tough materials

3. Hand–fabricated in the U.S.

4. Give full access to an open window

5. Guaranteed fit

6. Affordable at only $375/pair

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