Read What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

“Your company has sold me two previous sets of BreezeGuards that my search dogs and I have loved. You have always been a good friend to SAR dogs. We will always be your customers.” ~ Don

“I originally saw BreezeGuards on another vehicle. Now this will be the third set I’ve purchased. They are great! I’m constantly asked about them from strangers in parking lots. I’ve given out many of your business cards in the past.” ~Laurie R.

“We love the BreezeGuards we purchased for Our BMW X3; now we have a new truck and so we are buying another set. Well worth the cost.” ~Sandy K.

“I love love it so much! Thank you—it fits perfectly!!” 🙏 ~ Kira N.

“I’m active in dog sports, and at a dock diving event last summer, several of the participants had BreezeGuards. This was the first time I had seen the product, and I immediately loved it—as did my K-9 crew. Extremely practical and truly a blessing when dogs need to be crated in the car at events. Open windows are an open invitation for my two younger dogs to “go find mom.” Thanks for such a wonderful, dog friendly invention!!” ~ Mary-Ellen J.

“You and your product have allowed me to drastically lessen my stress level, as well as improve the comfort of my clients, which is pretty much what my job is about. There is not a lot I am super confident about in my life, but I am extremely confident that I am very good at my job. You have allowed me to be even better at it. On my behalf, as well as my four legged buddies that allow me to pay my bills, I want to express a sincere and overdue thank you. So, THANK YOU!!!” ~ Josh Long, Long Walks

“For years, I have been using your great product and this has given me freedom to take my pooches (all German Shepherd rescues) everywhere with me.” ~ John S.

“I could not believe how fast my BreezeGuards arrived! They fit perfect and will contain my working lines GSD. Thank You for outstanding customer service.”  ~ Beverly C.

“BreezeGuards are terrific and I have had many many positive comments from other people with dogs. So easy to install, fits perfectly! ” ~ JW

“Excellent Customer Service. Product way cool and effective. As described. If all sellers were like this, the world be a perfect place!” ~ EE

“As you know from my previous orders, I’m a big fan of your BreezeGuards! A few years ago, I was in an accident with my 2010 Toyota Corolla. I was hit from behind and my car was totaled but the BreezeGuards were only slightly bent…a testament to their sturdy construction! I hate to see them just lying around, if someone else could use them.” ~ Natalie P.

“Absolutely wonderful! I would purchase from this company anytime.” ~ CS

“It is so wonderful that people like you come up with ideas like this and follow through. Thank you.” ~ Denise G. (Denise liked her BreezeGuards so much she paid to get a pair for someone else if they could not afford it.) 

“I LOVE these! They’re super and fit extremely well. Highly recommend them!” ~ BK

“Everything went smoothly. I received the product in the timeline they projected and it was as they presented it to be.” ~ KL

“I love the screens. They are perfect.” ~ Shannon W.

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