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Welcome Home Your New Dog with the Rescue Dog Rule of Threes!

Wondering what to expect when you bring home your new furry family member? The Rescue Dog Rule of Threes explains what your dog is feeling after three days, weeks, and months in their new home!

How to Take the Best Autumn Pictures of Your Dog

Your dog is beautiful all year long, but just wait until you get pictures of them with a stunning autumn backdrop! Use these simple photography tips to take better fall pictures of your dog.

5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for Autumn

Fall can be such an exciting time for our dogs. There are crunchy leaves to chomp and pumpkin patches to visit. Family gatherings where they might be lucky enough to sneak a table scrap. And of course, plenty… Read More

How to Build Your Dog’s Social Skills

It’s well known that canines are social animals, but that doesn’t mean that all dogs are born with amazing social skills. While some dogs do naturally get along with everyone, including two-legged, four-legged, or even winged, others aren’t… Read More

5 Summer Activities to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat!

Stay cool with your dog when the temperatures rise with these 5 refreshing activities!

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Sleep?

If you’ve felt grouchy after a fitful night of sleep, you might wonder if dogs ever have the same problem. Are our furry friends as sensitive to sleep deprivation as we are?   As it turns out, quality sleep… Read More

How Much Care Do Your Dog’s Paws Really Need?

These paw spa care tips will keep your dog’s feet healthy, strong, and ready for adventure!

5 Reasons Your Dog Hesitates to Get in the Car

Does your dog refuse to get in the car? Here are four possible explanations!

6 Ways to Battle Bad Dog Breath in the Car

Trapped in the car with your dog’s bad breath? Here are 6 tips to making driving with Fido less smelly!

How to Ease Over Excitement in Dogs

To be sure, a happy dog is going to be excited, at times. Whether they’re waiting for your car to pull into the driveway or looking forward to a tasty meal, most dogs go into full excitement mode… Read More