9 Things We’re Grateful For as Dog Owners

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on November 22nd, 2023

Is your dog the first thing that comes to mind when sharing what you’re grateful for on Thanksgiving? If so, you’re not alone! 

We couldn’t let the holiday go by without putting together an entire list of reasons why we’re thankful for our furry friends. See which ones are most relatable to you as a dog owner!

We’re grateful for the cuddles
We have to start with the most heart-warming gift our dogs could give us: the cuddles. Whether you have an overly lovey lap dog or a once-in-a-while cuddler, any time spent receiving love from a dog is a gift. In fact, studies show that positive interactions with dogs can lower anxiety and boost our mood. So, you can basically call your cuddle sessions with your pooch self care.

For the walks
We may not love it when we’re dragged out of bed at 4am on a Saturday morning for a potty emergency or when we have to walk the dog in the pouring rain. But the truth is, the responsibility we have to make sure our dogs get their daily walkies is something to be grateful for. 

Even short walks can boost our mental health by giving us the chance to disconnect from the hustle-and-bustle of work. And the benefits are even greater when we’re able to take our pups to a green area to enjoy nature.

For the perfect excuse to go home early
Many of us dog owners would rather be at home snuggled on the couch than at a social event. And luckily, our dogs give us the perfect excuse to bow out early. So, we have to say thanks to our furry friends for all the times we were able to say, “I’d love to stay longer but you know, I’ve got to get back to take the dog out.” Works every time!

For the funniest moments we couldn’t catch on camera
We all know that dogs are funnier than people. It’s simply a fact. There’s no question that we are all the better for bringing these goofy, silly, comedic geniuses into our lives. 

And although we wish that we could catch all of their funny moments on camera, we also appreciate the moments of hilarity that we’re not fast enough to record. After all, they remind us to live in the present moment and laugh out loud.

For the clean floors
When you live with a dog, you also live in a crumb-free home. Those little noses will always sniff out the fallen bits of cheese, cracker crumbs, and if they’re really lucky, bites of bacon.  

So, the next time that you feel overwhelmed by the inevitable clutter that comes with dog ownership—toys strewn around the house, hair on every soft surface, slobber smudges on all the windows—take a moment to appreciate that at least your floors are clean. 

For the tests of our patience
No one ever said that being a dog owner would be smooth sailing all the time. And, there may have been moments over the last year that truly threatened to send us over the edge. Maybe it was coming home to an adorable puppy pulling the stuffing out of the couch. Perhaps it was when your adventurous furry friend slipped their leash and took you on a wild goose chase around the park. Or you might even have spent hundreds of dollars on a vet visit only to find out that your pupper had an uncomfortable case of totally non-life-threatening gas. 

While these moments were, of course, frustrating, we can bet that you couldn’t stay mad at your little chaos monster for long. And, maybe this year, we can take a moment to be thankful for the many opportunities to practice patience.

For the dog lover introductions
If your New Year’s Resolution for this year was to make more friends or even find your soul-mate, your dog probably did their very best to help you expand your social network! When we chat with fellow dog owners at the park or get approached by dog-loving folks while walking our dogs around town, these small interactions can do us a lot more good than we realize! After all, even brief positive encounters with strangers can help us feel more socially connected and fulfilled. 

For the outdoor adventures
Sure, our dogs may get us out of the house for a game of backyard fetch or a walk around the block. But, they also often encourage us to explore beyond our neighborhoods, too! 

During the last year, you might have taken your dog to a dog beach in your state, gone camping, or even set out on a long road trip with your fluffy co-pilot. These experiences are truly unforgettable and can be the motivation we needed to explore more of the wonderful great outdoors.

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For the endless companionship
Finally, we would say that the thing we’re most thankful for as dog owners is the companionship. No matter if you have a velcro dog who never leaves your side or more of an independent husky-type, we can bet that you always feel better when your dog is around. When we hear their adorable snores, the tippy-tappy of their claws as they walk through the house, or the jingle of dog tags, we know that we’re in great company. And that is truly something to be thankful for.

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