Valentine’s Day Activities to Do With Your Dog

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on February 13th, 2023

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms. And really, is there anything more heartwarming than the love between dog owner and dog?

If you’re looking for creative things to do with your furry friend this Valentine’s Day, open your heart to this list of ideas!

Make a dog-friendly Valentine’s Day treat
V-Day is all about the chocolates, but of course, our furry friends can’t enjoy this part of the holiday, right?

Well, there’s a pretty easy work-around: carob! This chocolate alternative is a safe substitute for dogs. And you can use it to make “chocolate”-covered strawberries or dip their favorite treats in a “chocolate” glaze. 

That being said, some dog owners worry that serving their dog any kind of chocolate alternative has its own risks. You could, for example, mix up the real V-Day chocolate with the dog-friendly variety. So, if you are going to use it, keep the two completely separate to avoid accidents.

Another option is to stick with 100% dog-friendly ingredients, such as watermelon cut into hearts or heart-shaped peanut butter dog treats.

Maybe you’re going to be leaving your pup alone for a while to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. You might leave them with a long-lasting special treat, such as a bully chew or frozen food-filled chew toy.

Give your veterinarian a Valentine
Your dog may not love your veterinarian, but your veterinarian certainly loves your dog! And, there’s a compelling reason to show them some extra appreciation this Valentine’s Day: recent studies have found that over half of veterinarians in the US have experienced burnout on the job. Burnout is a potentially severe mental health problem that can result from highly stressful work environments. Because vets frequently work long hours with scared, upset animals and potentially life-threatening circumstances, it makes sense that they experience burnout at high rates.

So, show your appreciation for all that they do for your furry friend by dropping off a Valentine. Maybe you can give them a card with a picture of your dog on it. Or, they might appreciate flowers, candies, or a coffee gift card.

Schedule a playdate with their special someone
V-Day isn’t only about celebrating the love between you and your dog but also the love they have for their furry friends or other folks in their life! 

Call up a fellow dog owner or close friend and invite them over for a little Valentine’s Day celebration. Put on some upbeat love songs, break out the dog-friendly V-Day treats and enjoy!

Show love for your local animal shelter
Whether or not your pupper was adopted from one, it’s worth showing your local shelter some love this Valentine’s Day. And there are many different ways to do just that:

  • Reach out to ask what supplies they need. Animal shelters are often in need of pet food, blankets, and cleaning supplies. Ask what they need and put together a supply kit for V-day!
  • Share them on social media. Animal shelters benefit from being widely shared on Instagram and Facebook. More visibility makes it more likely that the animals will be adopted and that they’ll have volunteers and people to participate in their donation drives.
  • Bring goodies for the staff. Working in an animal shelter is a tough job! And the staff at your local shelter will absolutely light up that someone thought to shower them with love this Valentine’s Day! Simply picking up a box of donuts and coffee, a bouquet of flowers, or a card will make them feel loved and appreciated.

Sign up for some training lessons with your dog
Maybe one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to sign up for training lessons with your dog. Well, if you haven’t done it yet, here are a couple of reasons it could be a great V-Day gift:

  • It gives your dog more dedicated time with you. Training can strengthen your bond with your dog by giving you quality time together. We can bet that’s all your dog really wants for Valentine’s Day!
  • Training is a fantastic form of mental stimulation. Just like you might give the puzzle-lover in your life a scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day, good training sessions can be a fun, thoughtful gift for your dog. They’ll enjoy the challenge of learning something new alongside their favorite human.
  • Your dog will be wildly happy about making you happy. You probably already know this, but your dog’s love language is doing whatever they can to make you happy. Training sessions are rewarding for dogs because it gives them a chance to bring a smile to your face. So, give them plenty of encouragement to make this V-Day gift special for the both of you. 

Install BreezeGuards on your car, and then go explore!
We can bet that your dog has a deep appreciation for the simple things in life: a good stick, a surprise treat, the feel of a fresh breeze in their face on the way to the park.

The first ones are easy to give your dog. But, since rolling down the car windows and letting your dog hang their snoot out is dangerous, how can you treat your dog to fresh air in the car? 

BreezeGuard Screens fit conveniently over the back windows of your car so that you can roll the window down while keeping your four-legged Valentine inside. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both of you. You’ll get peace of mind, and your dog will get the chance to enjoy all the sounds and smells of the outside world during your adventures together. 

You and your pooch are in for one special Valentine’s Day!
We can probably bet that if your dog knew what Valentine’s Day is, it would be their favorite holiday. After all, doggos are the real pros at unconditional love. So, this year, show your appreciation for your lovable furry friend. Their reaction will warm your heart!


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