New Year, New Floof! 6 Resolutions Your Dog Wants You to Keep

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on February 7th, 2022

At this point in the year, you’ve either ditched your New Year’s resolutions (no judgement!) or are impressing all of your friends and family with your dedication. But no matter which personal goals you’ve set for yourself in 2022, your doggo has some suggestions of their own that they’d love for you to consider!

Don’t worry, we can bet that you’ll be on board with all of these 2022 dog-centric New Year’s resolutions.

#1: Have more playdates
Getting together with loved ones may not be the easiest endeavour right now, but if you can do it safely, your doggo would tell you it’s a great way to get that tail wagging! Studies show that spending time with friends and family naturally boosts the feel-good chemicals in our brain while also reducing stress and improving memory function.  

So, while you’re making plans to take Fido to the dog park and on playdates with other dogs, don’t forget to pencil in some social time for you, this year, too!

#2: Remember where you buried your treasure
This year, your pupper might be thinking about digging up a few beloved items, maybe chew toys or dirty socks they stole from your clothes hamper, that they buried in the backyard. Okay, you might not have any treasures buried in the garden, but we can bet that there are a few important things in your life that you’d like to rediscover in 2022! Whether it’s a yoga practice that you’d like to get back to or a desire to reclaim your days off to do nothing other than sit on the couch, digging up these life-affirming activities will go a long way to making this year more enjoyable. 

So, put your nose to the ground and sniff out the things that will bring you the most happiness in 2022.

#3: Find your big bark
Every dog has a big bark that they’re ready to unleash when the moment arises. You might have heard this bark in the middle of the night as your pooch sensed danger outside the home. Other times, your doggo might use their big bark to tell you that you’re late in serving their dinner…by one minute.

The point is, your dog isn’t afraid to speak their mind. And, if you’ve been looking for ways to be more assertive at work or more vocal in what you need in your personal life this year, your pup will be happy to teach you their technique. All you have to do is find your big bark and don’t be afraid to speak up when you need to!

#4: Take more naps
To be sure, there are benefits to filling up your days with trips to the dog park, training sessions, and whining at your owner until they help you get the tennis ball you pushed under the couch. But your dog would also tell you how important it is to rest! Your pooch wouldn’t have all of the energy to jump, run, and keep a watchful eye on their favorite humans if it weren’t for regular naps.

So, this year, follow in your dog’s fluffy footsteps and add more naps to your list of New Year’s resolutions. Just make sure that there’s enough room for your dog to curl up next to you. They’ll be happy to show you how it’s done!

#5: Stop being afraid to look silly
Whether they’re running full speed into sliding glass doors or falling all over themselves while trying to get their own tail, there’s no denying that our dogs are not afraid to look silly. In fact, their enthusiasm is why we love them. It’s also why we install BreezeGuard Screens to keep them safe in our cars and never leave drinking glasses on low coffee tables.

This year, why not resolve to be as fearless as your pup? Maybe you don’t want to be quite as goofy as they are, but you can be inspired by their self confidence. For instance, sign up for that dance class you’ve always wanted to try. Or, get on stage during ameteur night at your local comedy club. Do things that make you feel silly, and you just might tap into your dog’s joie de vivre!

#6: Live in the moment
Maybe you have already read up on all the benefits of living in the present moment and have downloaded a meditation app or hired a mindfulness coach. Those are fantastic ways to start building a practice of mindfulness in 2022. But, if you’re looking for a source of inspiration that’s even closer to home, you already have a live-in mindfulness master!

Dogs are hard-wired to live in the now, and that means that whatever they do, they give it their all. It’s what makes them such excellent frisbee-catchers, cuddle partners, and yes, sometimes garbage eaters. And, if you ever need a reminder to stop thinking about the past and the future, just take a look at how focused your dog is at mealtimes. No matter what your dog is doing, they’re offering you a master class in living in the present moment. 

Has your dog convinced you to reconsider your 2022 New Year’s resolutions?
Without a doubt, our dogs can inspire us to make a few positive changes in our lives this year. With their endless joy, curiosity, and commitment to fun, they teach us how to live fuller lives without hesitation or fear of failure. 

So, no matter what personal goals you’ve added to your list of New Year’s resolutions, consider running them by your dog for approval. They’ll make sure you’re committing to the right things in 2022!

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