How to Celebrate Dog Father’s Day 2023

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on June 16th, 2023

Father’s Day is this Sunday. And did you know that Dog Father’s Day takes place the day before on June 17th? 

To celebrate, we’re sharing a few of the things we love most about the dog dads in our lives, plus some gift ideas in case you’d like to make this day even more special. 

Here’s our list of reasons why dog dads are so wonderful! 

The endless games of fetch
Whether it’s a tennis ball, frisbee, or good old fashioned stick, dog dads are experts at the game of fetch. And their furry friends couldn’t be happier.

Fetch is such an effective way for a dog to bond with their owner. Not only does it satisfy a dog’s internal drive to work, but it’s also great exercise. 

If you’re looking for a gift to give the fun-loving dog dad in your life, consider a different kind of fetch object that will revamp their play sessions. Even small changes, such as a different sized ball, or swapping out a tennis ball for a rope toy, can make the game more exciting.

The doggo-dad adventures
Dog ownership is on the rise, which is why public spaces are becoming more dog-friendly all the time. We absolutely love to see dog dads with their adventurous pups at the dog beach and on hiking trails. We’ve even seen a few carry their dogs in a backpack when their fur baby gets tired!

If the dog owner in your life loves to hike, there are many Dog Father Day gifts that he can enjoy. Durable leashes, dog backpacks, and collapsible bowls are all great ideas for a more comfortable hiking experience. BreezeGuard Screens are another fantastic gift for an adventurous dog owner who’s always on the move looking for new hiking trails. They fit easily over the back windows of Dog Dad’s car so that Fido can enjoy the ride to the next trailhead with the windows down.

The not-so-sneaky food sharing
We’ve all seen it. The dog dad sneakily sliding a piece of steak or chicken under the table for their fur baby to enjoy. And then, they pretend not to know where their doggo’s begging habits came from!

Of course, we all know that vets recommend that dogs don’t eat people food, especially if it’s been prepared with spices. But we also can’t help but love the generosity a dog dad has for his best friend. And really, who can resist those puppy dogs eyes?

If this describes the dog dad in your life, you might give him a more appropriate way to spoil his pupper. For example, consider giving him a bag of gourmet dog treats that Fido can enjoy instead of food scraps.

Watching them turn into big old softies
One of the things we love most about dog dads is watching their heart melt after getting a dog. Here’s how it happens: before bringing home their pupper, the dog dad probably had a whole list of rules about not letting the dog sleep in the bed or lick them on the face. They were committed to having a perfectly-trained dog who never broke the rules. 

Then after a few months of bonding with their fur baby, they’re ordering them puppuccinos, saving a space for them on the couch, and saying no to social outings that aren’t dog friendly. That’s not to say that their dog is completely spoiled. But, these dog dads have definitely softened their stance on their strict ideas about dog ownership.

If you’re looking for gifts for this kind of dog dad, we’d say, lean into the pampering! Get them matching pajamas or a blanket big enough for the both of them. Put on a dog-friendly movie and allow them to enjoy Dog Father Day in comfort.

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as bathtime between a dog dad and his pup? We sure haven’t. 

And just like playtime, training sessions, and couch cuddles, bathtime can be a way for an owner to bond with their dog. For puppers who enjoy a good bath, this can be a time of comfort, relaxation, and trust-building.

There are plenty of gifts that are perfect for this ritual between dog dad and doggo. You might consider towels made for dogs, bathtime toys, or lovely-smelling dog shampoos. A removable nozzle for the shower is another useful gift to make bathtime more comfortable.

The puppy cuddles
And finally, we can’t end without saying how much we love to see the puppy cuddles between Dog Dad and his fur baby. Who can resist that adorable sight of a dog owner curled up with a snoozing pooch in his arms? It’s enough to make our hearts melt.

How will you celebrate Dog Dad Day?
To be sure, the dog dad in your life probably doesn’t expect a special gift for Dog Fathers Day. For him, spending time with his best friend is all the gift he needs. But, if you want to celebrate the love and effort he’s given Fido this year, here are a few final gift ideas to put a smile on his face:

  • Framed picture of Dad and Fido. You can bet he’s got plenty on his social media that you can print and frame.
  • New toys for Fido. Even if the doggo has their own favorite toys, new toys are always welcomed!
  • A dog DNA test. Does the dog dad in your life constantly wonder what kind of breed their lovable mutt is? Get them a doggie DNA test!
  • A commissioned pet portrait. Watercolor, acrylic, or other medium, commissioned pet portraits are popular and thoughtful. 
  • A gift card to your local pet store. Dog Dad knows his fur baby best, so a gift card to a pet store is always a good option.

No matter how you celebrate Dog Father’s Day this year, one thing is for sure: no one is more grateful for the Dog Dad in your life than his very special, very lucky pup!


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