8 Ways to Recognize a Dog Owner by Their Car

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on April 14th, 2020

Those of us in the dog owner community may not carry membership cards, but there are plenty of ways that you can identify us. Just take a look at our inevitably fur-covered clothing. Or, catch a glimpse at the adorable puppy lock screen on our phones. Even our cars can give us away—you can always tell a loving dog owner by the look and state of their vehicle!

If you’re a dog owner or have a loving dog owner in your life, see if you can recognize these 8 tell-tale signs of a dog owner’s car!

#1: Dog nose smudges on the back windows
It doesn’t matter how often a dog owner cleans their car, there will always be smudges on all of the windows their doggo can reach. Puppers just love putting their noses on the glass to get a good glimpse of the adventure ahead!

#2: Fur, everywhere!
You’ll see it on the driver’s seat, you’ll see it in the back, you might even see it flying out of the window! Dog fur is an accepted part of dog ownership, and you’d be hard pressed to find a dog owner with a fur-free car.

And if you’ve ever felt that your dog may shed more in the car, you’re not alone! Excitement, over-stimulation, and stress are all triggers for dogs to shed more than usual. So, have the lint roller at the ready after your next drive to the vet’s office!

#3: Dog car travel solutions in plain sight
Whether it’s a dog car seat, a dog car harness or BreezeGuard screens, the kind of equipment that dog owners use makes them instantly recognizable. And that’s a great thing! Dog owners who ensure that their pup is properly secured in the car reduce the risk for injury and accidents while driving with their furry friend.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of dog car travel solutions you should try, here’s a quick breakdown of the best car safety options available today:

  • Dog car seat—This car safety feature is perfect for small to medium sized dogs who will be traveling in the backseat. They’re often cozy enough to trick your dog into thinking it’s a dog bed, but with a built-in harness for a safer ride.
  • Dog car harness—If your pupper doesn’t fit in a dog car seat, you can opt for the dog car harness by itself. This allows your dog some mobility in the backseat while also keeping them strapped to your car’s seatbelt in the case of an accident.
  • BreezeGuard screens—If you’ve got a doggie escape artist on your hands or are simply concerned about the negative effects of your dog sticking their head out the window, BreezeGuard screens are a great safety feature. By attaching to the interior of the car and providing a secure barrier between your pup and the open window, they give you peace of mind while giving your dog a comfortable driving experience.

#4: Dog owner bumper sticker
Dog owners are a proud bunch, and those of us in the community love to show off our love for our pets! Dog bumper stickers come in all shapes and sizes—some promote the work of a local animal shelter, others showcase a beloved pet’s name, and some are clever enough to bring a smile to your face.

Of course, license plate covers and window decals also fall into this category!

#5: Treats in the glove compartment or center console
Many dog owners rely on treat training and positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior in the car. Even without the training sessions, sometimes your doggo simply deserves a treat! So it’s no surprise to find plenty of stashed treats in a dog lover’s car. This might be a harder clue to find, since many of us have learned from experience to always hide the treats from our clever pooches!

#6: Extra doggie bags in the seat pockets
A responsible dog owner will always have a surplus of doggie doo bags in their car, and you’ll likely see them stuffed into every available crevice and cranny. Take a glimpse between the seats, in the glove compartment, in the drink holders. Chances are – they’re everywhere!

#7: The special door-opening stance of an experienced dog owner
Everything that we’ve covered so far has to do with a dog owner’s car. But how about dog owners themselves? Here’s a surefire way to know if a particular driver is accustomed to towing around a furry pack in the back of their car: we called it the “fur baby block.”

It happens when a car owner opens any door of their car from the outside. You’ll notice them opening the door slowly, with one knee blocking the escape route of a particularly enthusiastic or escape-prone pup. It’s a subtle move, but that little shuffle allows them to keep doggos inside while they attach a leash or unhook their dog car harness.

Sometimes, dog owners fall back on this habit even when they’re not carrying around their beloved pooch!

#8: Tennis balls that can’t be stopped!
While the fur baby block is great at keeping excited doggos from bursting out of the car, tennis balls are often harder to stop. You can identify a certified dog owner if, when they open a car door, at least one tricky tennis ball tries to bounce away from them.

And, since these sought-after toys are so easy to lose, it’s not surprising to see quite a few of these bright green balls rolling around the floor of a dog owner’s car!

Keep an eye out and you might see your own patterns!
While we’ve covered some of the more obvious signs of dog ownership, there are plenty of other ways that you might recognize a dog owner behind the wheel!

For instance, dog owners with bigger dogs tend to have larger cars, such as SUVs or hatchbacks so that their pupper can move around comfortably. And some car brands, such as Subaru, are known to be more popular with dog owners! You might notice more of them at your local dog park!

So, the next time you’re stuck in traffic or chatting with fellow dog lovers, see if you can start collecting your own information about dog owners and their cars. It’s a fun way to get to know more about the dog owner community that we all love!

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