7 Gifts to Give The Dog Lover in Your Life in 2023

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on December 12th, 2022

The decorations are up, the holiday music is playing on a loop, and you’re finalizing your gift-giving list for friends and family. But you might also be wracking your brain for the best gift for the dog-lover in your life. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Check out these 7 gifts for your friends with furry friends!

#1: Toys—that don’t squeak!
As any dog owner knows, there’s no such thing as too many toys. In fact, while our furbabies tend to have a favorite plushy or worn-out tennis ball, in general, it’s good for their enrichment to get new toys periodically.

So, head over to your local pet shop and pick out a few stocking stuffers! Just maybe don’t get the ones that make too much noise. 

#2: Matching pajama sets
What is cuter than enjoying the holidays curled up on the couch with your pet in matching pajamas? We can’t imagine anything cozier for the chilly winter days ahead.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all doggos like to dress up. If you’ve never seen your loved one’s dog in clothes, you might opt for a snuggly blanket, instead.

#3: Artwork of their beloved pooch
Pet artists are always busy during the holiday season, and that’s because dog portraits make for amazing gifts. All you have to do is send the artist a picture of the pupper, and they’ll do the rest.

Pro tip: take note of your friend or family member’s interior decor style and then choose the right artistic style for the portrait. After all, you might find a particular style hilarious or fun, but it’s better to tailor the gift to what will align with the recipient’s existing aesthetic.

#4: Photo session for the dogs
Okay, yes. You know that your dog-loving loved one already has one million pictures of their pooch on their phone. But, the chance to work with a photographer who specializes in pet portraits is a huge step up. Plus, since they won’t be the ones behind the camera, they’ll finally have pictures of themselves with their furry friend. Those are memories they’ll cherish forever!  

#5: BreezeGuard Screens
Our goal with BreezeGuard Screens is to make every outing with your dog as safe as it is exciting and enriching. The easy-to-install screens cover the windows in the backseat of the car to allow Fido a front-row seat to the world outside. And, you don’t have to worry about all of the risks that come with a pup hanging their head out of the window.

All you need to buy BreezeGuard Screens for a loved one is to know what kind of car they drive. We’ll send a custom-fitted set of screens that they’ll love! 

#6: Gift card for pet sitting, grooming, or walking
There are plenty of businesses nowadays that make it easy to arrange for petcare for a friend or family member. A gift card to their favorite doggy service, be it grooming, a walk, or even an overnight stay, is a great way to give them more free time this holiday season.

#7: Walking accessories
Nowadays, going out for a stroll with your dog can come with a whole range of exciting accessories, such as:

  • Environmentally-friendly doggie bags. Doggy bags probably aren’t the first gift to come to mind, but they’re incredibly useful for your dog owner friends. You can also invest in environmentally-friendly bags for a greener alternative.
  • Premier dog leashes. Simple dog leashes are a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can find leashes that are lightweight, durable, adjustable, multi-handled, and any other useful feature that you can think of. If your dog loving friend has been using the same leash for years, they might enjoy an upgrade with all the latest bells and whistles.
  • Reflective gear. Reflective gear is always a good idea for doggos, especially during the wintertime. Give your loved one a new reflective collar or an attachable light to keep them safe this season.
  • Hands-free treat packs. Many dog owners these days use positive reinforcement training, which means that they probably never leave the house without treats. A hands-free pack is a great asset for all dog owners, no matter the age of their pup.

Other considerations when buying a gift for a dog owner
The 7 gifts we’ve recommended so far are sure to bring a smile to the dog lover in your life this holiday. But, you might have something else in mind! These considerations will ensure that your gift is received with tail wags:

  • Avoid giving food items. Many dogs are sensitive to any changes in their diet. So, introducing a new food, even if it’s a new kind of dog treat, might not be the best gift.
  • Keep in mind that some dogs are expert chewers. If you see a plushy toy that you think your friend’s dog will like, remember that it might not live long! So, if your gift recipient has a dog who loves to rip apart their toys, consider getting them something designed for super chewers.
  • Think about whether your gift will require extra work from your dog owner friend. There are so many exciting toys on the market that can challenge our dog’s learning abilities while providing mental stimulation. But, be cautious of buying anything that will put more work on your dog owner friend. Games that are too complicated will require them to teach their dog how to use it or guide them while they play. If you know the dog owner in your life is up for the task, by all means, go for it! If not, your gift might end up in the back of the closet.

No matter what gift you give the dog lover in your life, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness!
As a group, we dog owners love people who love our dogs. So, you really can’t go wrong with a dog-themed gift list this year!  


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