5 Summer Activities to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat!

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on July 30th, 2021

Summer is here, and it brought record-breaking heat! 

If you read our article, Summer Heat Dangers for Your Dog, you know that dogs and high temperatures are a potentially dangerous combo. So, you might be thinking of creative ways to keep your canine companion cool and comfortable. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself joining in for these 5 fun summer activities to beat the heat!

#1: Greet the sunrise
Getting out of bed when it’s still dark outside is surely a struggle. But, it’ll be worth it when you and your furry friend can enjoy the early morning peacefulness and pre-sunrise cool temperatures. 

So, brew some strong coffee, and then head outside for a pre-dawn hike, early morning jog, or game of fetch at your favorite doggy hangout. You’ll be glad you got some fresh air and exercise before the sunrise! 

#2: Go swimming
There’s nothing more refreshing than doing a doggy cannonball into a cool lake, river, or backyard pool on a hot day. Not only is it a great way to help your dog stay cool, but it will provide them with a low-impact form of exercise when the heat has made them less active.

If your pup needs some extra coaxing to get into the water, you might sign them up for doggy swimming lessons or entice them into the water with a floating toy. Keep in mind that not all dogs are strong swimmers from the start, so you might need to hop in yourself and be their swimming buddy. 

#3: Make pup-friendly summer ice treats
Maybe your dog races to the kitchen every time they hear you fill up your cup with ice cubes. If that’s the case, they’re going to love your DIY dog-friendly ice treats!

To make them, all you have to do is blend together their favorite dog-friendly fruits and veggies, such as bananas or cooked pumpkin, with some water to make a pourable smoothie. Alternatively, you can use low-sodium beef or chicken broth as your liquid.

Pour your mixture into an ice cube tray and serve when frozen! Remember that it’s always best to give treats in moderation, so a tray should last about a week or more!

#4: Create an indoor winter wonderland
As the temperatures rise, you might find that you and Fido want to spend more time inside blasting fans or the AC. But, that can also mean that you’ve got one energetic pupper on your hands!

To make indoor days more enjoyable for the both of you, you might try:

  • An indoor obstacle course. Using household items like empty paper towel rolls, furniture, and broomstick handles, create a fun obstacle course to teach your dog agility training. These interactive play sessions are a great way to exercise your dog’s mind and body. 
  • Puzzle games. Interactive toys, even DIY versions, are a great way to keep your dog occupied and satisfied when cooped up at home. 
  • Training sessions. Maybe the extra time inside is the perfect opportunity to revisit your dog’s trick repertoire or add some new ones! Just like indoor obstacle courses and puzzle games, the mental stimulation will keep your furry friend happy at home.
  • At-home photoshoots. Alright, this one is more for you than your dog. But if you’re stuck at home anyway, why not have some fun? Set up an at-home photoshoot complete with a backdrop of your choice, or greenscreen so that you can edit in your landscape later. Outfit your pup with some silly accessories and see if you can get them to sit still long enough to snap some cute pictures.

To be sure, being stuck inside is not ideal, but it can be an important way to protect your pup from the heat. As long as you have plenty of activities to enjoy together, your pupper will have an easier time being indoors.

#5: Hit the road
Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to pack up and head to somewhere cooler! Take a look at the weather reports of areas within driving distance and start looking for dog-friendly accommodations. Your dog will happily be your co-pilot on the way to cooler adventures.

Whenever you travel with your dog, make sure that your car is fitted with BreezeGuard Screens. That way, you can keep the fresh air flowing without worrying about your dog sticking their head out the window.

However you spend the hottest summer days, stay safe!
No matter what, keeping your dog safe while the temperatures rise is a top priority. Make sure that you give your dog plenty of water, prevent them from walking on hot surfaces, never leave them in a hot car, and know the signs of heatstroke in dogs. 

And, if your pupper is less-than-enthusiastic about any of the activities we’ve suggested here, don’t push it! They might just want to curl up on a cool tile floor and wait for a better weather outlook.

No matter how you spend your warmer summer days, the team at BreezeGuard hopes you’re staying safe and cool!

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