4 Weird Things Your Dog Does, Explained

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on March 7th, 2022

One of the things we love most about our dogs is their ability to keep us laughing with their quirky habits. Whether they’re attempting to pick up a comically large tree branch or getting their snoot stuck in a paper towel roll, the question on every dog owner’s mind is: “What is going on inside that adorable head?”

While we can’t know exactly what our dogs are thinking, many of their puzzling habits do have explanations. So let’s get to the bottom of 4 weird things dogs do!

Why do dogs get the “zoomies?”
The first time your dog got the zoomies, it probably surprised you. All of a sudden, your sweet, normal pupper went into super speedy hyper mode, running in circles with a crazed look in their eyes. Some dogs bark, yip, and even bite when the zoomies hit, transforming even the most relaxed dogs into temporary tornadoes.

In animal science, there’s actually a term for this behavior! The zoomies are officially called Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), and they’re understood to be a perfectly normal release of pent-up energy. In fact, other animals, including rabbits and elephants, also get the zoomies!

All dogs have different triggers for this frantic phenomenon. Some experience FRAP after a trip to the groomers while others will start bouncing off the walls before bed or after meals. And if you have a puppy that seems to zoom through the day, don’t worry. It’s normal for younger dogs to experience more frequent FRAPs than adults. 

If you’ve noticed your dog gets the zoomies whenever you leave or come back from an outing, take special care to keep them safe during their temporary over-excitement. Installing BreezeGuards on your windows can make sure that your furry friend stays inside the car even while mid-zoom.

Why do some dogs lie down when another dog approaches?
You’re out on your walk with Fido when in the distance, you notice another dog and owner approaching. And as inconvenient as it may be, your dog chooses to lie down and wait for the distant pair to come to them. Why do dogs do this?

Well, there are a few possible explanations. 

If your dog is generally social with other dogs, they may be inviting the potential friend to a play session. A relaxed down position is non-threatening and friendly, encouraging the other dog to come on over and say hi!

If your dog is crouching instead of lying down, it could be a sign that they’re nervous about the approaching dog. In a low, stalking position, they can make themselves look smaller while keeping their muscles tense for a possible attack.

Crouching or lying down can also be a common behavior  in herding breeds! Border Collies are well known to “stalk” approaching dogs before engaging in a chase and play session, just like they would with a herd of sheep. Of course, to the oncoming owner, this behavior can be intimidating! So you might want to share this explanation or teach your dog a more appropriate way to say hello.

Why do dogs steal socks?
If every time you do laundry, you find yourself with fewer and fewer pairs of matching socks, your doggo might be to blame! For some reason, dogs are obsessed with this specific item of clothing. But why?

Well, we hate to be the ones to tell you this, but it’s because you stink. Don’t worry. Maybe you don’t stink by human standards, but to your dog’s highly sensitive nose, your socks are a gold mine of interesting scents. By getting down and dirty with your dirty socks, your dog is able to learn about your health, mood and activity levels. Plus, socks are the perfect size and elasticity for a nice chew toy. 

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that you often find your dog with their nose in the laundry hamper! But, do your best to keep your pup away from socks, as they can pose choking and digestive hazards. During laundry day, consider setting your dog up with other opportunities for mental stimulation, such as a puzzle toy or indoor scavenger hunt.

Why do dogs drink from the toilet bowl?
Because you love your dog, you might have spent good money on everything from the coziest dog bed to a set of high quality food and water bowls. But still, your dog snubs your purchases by sleeping on the floor and drinking out the toilet bowl. What is up with this rude behavior?

Well, as it turns out, your dog isn’t making a statement about your taste in home decor. Actually, they’re attracted to toilet bowl water because it’s fresher. Unlike the still water in their bowl, toilet water is replaced frequently, which appeals to their natural instinct to seek out moving water. And, unlike us, dogs have specialized taste buds for water, so we should probably believe them when they say toilet water tastes better!

If you don’t want your pupper to put their sniffer in the toilet, you might replace their ordinary water bowl with a fountain drinking bowl instead. And, of course, keep the lid down!

What other weird things does your dog do?
While there are a few quirky habits that most dogs do, each pupper is also an individual. That means that your furry friend probably has a list of lovably weird personality traits that you’ve noticed over the years. Maybe it’s a cute twirl while you fill their dog bowl or maybe they need to sleep with one specific plushy toy. 

As dog owners, we may never know why our dogs do all of the head-scratching things they do. But we can embrace, appreciate, and learn to laugh at their weird habits!


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