Should Your Dog Have Social Media?

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on August 11th, 2023

According to surveys conducted during the last two years, about 25% of pet owners worldwide have a social media account dedicated to their dog or cat! In the UK & Ireland, the number jumps to a surprising 87%!

So, you might be wondering: should your very good doggo have their own Tiktok or Instagram account? In this article, we’ll cover some of the positive aspects of giving your pooch a platform. And we’ll talk about how you can make social media fun, safe, and enriching for your dog.   

Benefits of social media for dogs

There are a few compelling benefits of having social media for your dog, including:

Being able to post your pup freely without oversaturating your other accounts
Get the feeling that the followers on your personal or professional account are getting tired of seeing many, many (almost identical) pictures of your dog being cute? Guess what? There’s an entire community online that will never get bored of your pet pictures. 

If you want to upload pictures throughout the day of your dog sleeping, eating, learning new tricks, or simply existing, you can do so on their dedicated account without hesitation.

Meeting the online dog-loving community
The more time you spend on the dog owner side of your favorite social media platforms, you’ll learn that there’s a huge community of like-minded, dog-loving people online. You might even find other dog owners who live in your area who are looking for playmates for their dogs or get notifications about fun doggy events happening nearby.

To be sure, it’s always important to be safe when meeting people online. But, you can also make some very wholesome friendships with other dog owners through your pup’s social media.

Trying new things
Looking to switch up your dog’s social media posts? It may be just the motivation you need to explore new dog-friendly trails with your dog or incorporate more trick training into your daily schedule. You and your pup will benefit from the change in routine and extra time spent together.

Looking back on your favorite moments with your dog
One of the best things about having a social media account dedicated to your dog is that it will act as a photo diary that you can look back on to remember key moments together.

A social media account can also be a great way to see how things have changed since bringing home your furry friend. On the one hand, if you started the account when they were a puppy, you’ll get the joy of watching them grow up. But, you can also monitor progress they’ve made with training goals or sporting activities. It’s lovely to be able to see changes that are not always visible day-to-day.

Basking in the adorableness of a doggy social media account
Let’s be honest. Most people have social media for their dogs because their dogs are just plain adorable. 

Do’s and don’ts of social media for dogs

Clearly, there are some pros to setting up a social media account for your dog. But how can you do so in a way that is fun and positive instead of overwhelming or stressful?

Do: Focus on one platform 
Different platforms are catered to different kinds of media. So, choose which one you think would be most fun for you to explore. If you like taking photos, consider Instagram or Facebook. If videos are more your speed, you’ll enjoy Instagram Reels, TikTok or YouTube. 

Don’t: Make getting famous your goal
Obviously, there are famous pets online that get sponsorships and paid partnerships. But, in our humble opinion, creating a social media account for your pet with the purpose of making it to the big leagues is more likely to lead to disappointment and stress. 

Instead, you’ll have much more fun if you focus on creating quality content with your best friend when inspiration strikes. Who knows, you may just go viral after all. 

Do: Follow trends that are fun and easy-to-replicate
Trends can inspire you to try new things with your dog and get creative with their social media. For instance, making a video comparing what you thought your dog would grow up to look like versus what they actually look like is cute and funny. You can also try obstacle courses that provide them with a fun problem-solving activity. Search for trending dog reels or TikToks to find out what’s popular right now.

Don’t: Follow trends that put dogs in unsafe scenarios
As a company dedicated to pet safety in the car, we at BreezeGuards are all about being selective about social media trends. If a certain video puts a dog in a situation that makes them uncomfortable, unsafe, scared or frustrated just for the laughs, it’s definitely not something you want to recreate.

Do: Use simple tricks to build your audience
As we mentioned, you’ll have a lot more fun online if you don’t take your follower count too seriously. But, there are a few simple ways to build your audience if you’re interested in sharing your platform with other dog-lovers.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure to upload high quality photos and videos. These will get more attention than pixelated or blurry posts. Using relevant hashtags is another good way to expand your reach. And, engage with other accounts! Comment on your favorite videos and follow accounts that you enjoy.

Don’t: Lose sight of what’s really important

At the end of the day, creating enriching, healthy, and safe experiences for your furry friend is the main goal of dog ownership. So, if you find yourself thinking more about creating good content than enjoying the moment with your doggo, it might be time to get back to what’s important.

Will you create social media for your dog?

As we’ve covered here, there are some compelling reasons to create a social media account for your dog! But, it’s not right for everyone! So, what do you think about furry friends on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok?

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