Why Our Dogs Were the Best Gift of 2022

By Sarah Hinds Friedl on December 22nd, 2022

We’ve made it to December! And we hope that means you’re curling up in matching pajamas with your pup, enjoying time with family, and eating some delicious holiday food. And whether or not you plan on giving your dog a few presents this season, why not celebrate all of the wonderful gifts your furry friend has given you this year?

Take a look at these special ways that our dogs have kept our tails wagging all through 2022.

They kept us laughing
If you spent a good chunk of your 2022 scrolling through reels, TikToks, and memes of funny doggos, you weren’t alone. Dogs videos continue to be some of the most viral content on the internet.

But, it’s not just the canine celebrities that bring a smile to our faces. We can bet that the furbaby you share your home with also frequently makes you chuckle, snort, and thank your lucky stars you have them to keep the mood light. Whether they’re running in their sleep or tripping over their own ears, our dogs always keep us laughing.

They introduced us to fellow dog lovers
Over the last two years, we’ve all gone through a process of re-socialization that has been, at times, a bit awkward. How exactly did we interact with each other before Zoom, again? 

If you found yourself relearning how to make small talk, it’s possible that your dog was the perfect ice breaker. 

After all, it’s much easier to talk to your new neighbors if they automatically switch to a baby voice to tell your dog how cute she is. Or, perhaps you found a social group of fellow owners at the dog park or your favorite dog-friendly trail. Either way, your pup was the perfect wing-dog for making new friends.

They gave us a lesson in patience (and maybe another in forgiveness)
Let’s not pretend that our doggos always behaved like perfect angels this year! Maybe your pup spent a good portion of 2022 digging holes in the backyard or barking at the delivery person or stealing food off the counter.

But hey, these moments weren’t all bad. They gave us the opportunity to practice patience and understanding. Maybe we worked harder on training, which can lead to a deeper bond with our dogs. And, who could hold a grudge against a dog with pleading eyes as cute as your furbaby’s? These situations may not have felt like gifts at the time, but looking back, maybe we can appreciate the difficult lessons our dogs have taught us, too.

They gave us the gift of movement
Even the most couch-potato Bulldog or easy-going St. Bernard still needs to stretch their legs sometimes. And so do we humans! But it’s easy for us to delay stepping away from our desks or Netflix binge to get in some much-needed movement.

Thankfully, we’ve had personal trainers living right alongside us in 2022, and they’ve done a great job of getting us outside. Maybe your dog encouraged you to visit new hiking trails or dog-friendly beaches. Or maybe you simply added in a few extra steps around the neighborhood. Either way, your pup is proud of you!

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They taught us to stay positive
We hope that your 2022 had more tail-wagging days than sad puppydog eye days. But even in your challenging moments, we can bet that your furbaby was there to help. Science shows that dogs really do know when we’re upset and will try to comfort us through it. They may lean on us or offer up a few more sloppy kisses than usual. And, of course, they make for great listeners.

But even between the cloudy days, our dogs have always reminded us to keep a positive attitude. They never feel embarrased when they don’t catch a frisbee on the first try. They are forever grateful for the food in their bowl. And, their sheer excitement about seeing us again even though we were only gone for a few moments to use the bathroom reminds us that it’s always nice to show our loved one’s that we missed them.

They reminded us to take naps
Many of us spent this year transitioning back to in-person jobs or catching up on big life events like weddings that had been put on pause. Others may have made a big move across the country or taken the opportunity to travel internationally. No matter what busy looked like to you, chances are, you probably could have used a nap or two to get you through it.

Luckily, you had a nap expert in residence to teach you all about proper rest. Our dogs are masters at curling up, laying out, finding that one little spot of sunlshine, and taking a little snooze. Hopefully, they encouraged you to remember to take naps, too!

They always let us know how much they love us, always
The best gift that our dogs gave us this year, of course, was unconditional love. From the moment we opened our eyes in the morning, our furry friends were there to remind us that they think we’re the best thing to walk the earth. What a delight it has been to receive their loving stares, impromptu kisses, and full-body leans.

So, as the year winds down, and you’re thinking of all the gifts your pup has given you this year, maybe give them a few extra head pats. Or throw a couple of wrapped dog toys under the tree. Maybe make today’s walk a little longer. 

And from our family here at BreezeGuard, we hope you and your furry friends have a lovely holiday season!



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