Traveling with your Pet

As lifelong lovers of dogs (and cats) we care deeply about the safety of animals in transport. That’s why we designed and manufacture BreezeGuard® screens because if there’s one thing all dogs love, it’s going for a ride in the car. Read about how our story began here.

But dog auto safety goes beyond window screens. Our dogs have become like family members for many of us. We wouldn’t dream of driving our children around town without using a car seat. And we certainly wouldn’t let our kids stick their heads out of the car window while we drive. We expect our kids to sit, buckled up, in their own seats, when our vehicle is moving. Shouldn’t we have those same expectations and take the same care of our family member dogs?

So how can we make the journey safer for our dogs, while still allowing them to enjoy the special excitement of a car ride? We’ve gathered a wealth of safety
information and links for you here so that you can make informed decisions to protect your dogs with the same love, care and concern you give all your family members. Please feel free to email us with any questions or suggestions for other helpful information that should be added to this page.

Best Practices

• All dogs need identifying tags with their name and a contact phone number
• Check to make sure you have a leash before you leave
• Use seat belts or some sort of restraint for each dog while the vehicle is moving
• Little dogs might enjoy using booster seats so they can see out the windows
• Avoid having dogs in the front seats if possible
• BreezeGuard® screens allow secure use of open windows
• Have cleaning items and extra bedding handy in the event of spills and mishaps
• Use tie downs for crates

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